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Advanced Age Repair Moisturizer


This moisture-boosting cream, fortified with ceramides, peptides, antioxidants and hydrators, nourishes dry skin back to optimum health, supports barrier repair and lipid replenishment.


  • Delivers nourishment to help repair compromised skin barrier

  • Locks in moisture, helping to prevent TEWL

  • Visibly improves skin elasticity and texture

  • Supports the skin matrix to target fine lines and wrinkles

  • Guards skin against free radicals that cause skin aging


  • Ceramides

    • Biomimetic complex of skin ceramides mimic natural skin to help prevent TEWL

  • Peptide (Tetrapeptide-21)

    • Supports collagen growth and skin matrix repair, targeting wrinkles and improving the overall appearance and tone of the skin

  • Stem Cells (from Swiss Apples)

    • Supply high loads of nutrients, allowing aging skin to appear younger while promoting firmness & elasticity

  • Emollients

    • Lipid Replenishment Technology with squalane, phytosphingosine & cholesterol to soften skin

  • Humecatants

    • Hyaluronic acid, yucca glauca root, sodium PCA & glycerin lock in moisture and prevent TEWL

  • Green Tea Polyphenols (GTP), Reseratrol, Caffeine

    • Calm the skin while providing the broadest antioxidant benefits

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